Friday, 3 September 2010

Sites and Ideas

Here you'll find the sites and ideas that I'm planning to use in my classes this year. Thanks to my PLN I've learned many sites that I can use in my classes.

Bubblesnaps- This is a great site to make pictures talk. Students can upload their pictures or any picture they like and make the talk. Lots of fun.

Go Animate- Create cartoon for everything you need. To teach a new grammar unit, a new vocabulary or students can use it as a virtual role playing. Just use your imagination or make your students use their imagination.

Glogster- You can create any kind of posters for your classrooms. If you want to give a homework to your students just write it on glogster and it'll seem nicer.

Kako messenger- Two singers singing for you. Just type your words and say something to your students in a funny way.

Talkingpets- Make pets talk. Students can present their ideas using the pets.

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